Little Girls Fashion – Tips For Developing Her Own Style

Little Girls Fashion – Help Develop Her Own Style

“I dressed myself today.” Every child wants to say it and helping your child develop her individual style will eventually get them to that prideful moment. But there is a fine line between helping your child develop her own style and simply replicating yours. That being said, if your daughter takes after you and has similar taste as many do, let it flourish! Here are a few tips to begin to form a personal style.

Partner Shop

My Mom, Saturday Shopper in the 1950's

My Mom, Saturday Shopper in the 1950′s

When you are shopping for new clothes, include your daughter in the activity. Invite her with you or sit together if you are browsing online. Ask your child to pick out things she may like to see you wear or pick out several items and ask her opinion of them. Be sure to express that saying she does not like an item is okay, as well as thanking her for a positive reaction to a garment. The activity of making a selection and offering an opinion helps form a basis and routine of making choices for herself. From my own childhood, I remember and cherish the Saturdays my mother took me shopping, many times to the dismay of the sales staff. My mom had a great sense of style, but not for herself. She frequently relied on me to tell her if a dress looked good on her. I vividly remember a particular sales woman that always said, “ooooooh, you have your daughter with you again, how lovely,” and winced as she brought in many cocktail dress options that she was certain I was going to reject! We most always left the boutique with a dress all three of us liked, and I developed a true sense of style and confidence in making decisions, not just in dresses.

It Is All About Color

Most little girls have a passion for a particular color, and it is often not pink.

Whatever your favorite little one’s color is, embrace it. For my niece it was purple.
No other color for two years, just purple. Well, sometimes lavender. I had no idea the amount of children’s apparel that was manufactured in purple for toddlers. She was happy in purple, and that is the focus, happy. Clothes are a statement, and color is often the first indication of individual style.

Anything Goes

Yes, really. Absolutely anything goes with anything, especially when you are very young. If your daughter pulls out green dotted leggings, a purple floral dress, and orange sneakers, let her wear the outfit. The goal is to encourage choices and individuality. The only time to suggest a change in choice of clothing is if the desired item is not appropriate for the weather or the place she is going. Leggings and a T shirt do not go to weddings. Be careful not to offend your daughter or young friend. Simply comment on how much you like the outfit and suggest she keep it out for when she gets back home. Then ask her to show you what her favorite dress is in her closet and maybe that should be the one that would be perfect for today.

- CK & ESK

Special Occasion Dressing For Little Girls – What, Where, And When?


Trying to match the right dress to an occasion can be difficult for adults, and it’s not a whole lot easier for little girls’ dresses. So how do you know which dresses are appropriate for which occasion?  Here are a couple things to look for and consider when searching for a dress that may help point you in the right direction.


Weather really matters when picking out a dress for another reason than just the temperature. Certain fabrics are linked with each season, making a dress more visually appropriate for the occasion. Wool, including cashmere, knit, and boiled varieties, as well as corduroy, are distinctly winter fabrics. Heavier and layered silks are also a worn well in winter, while lighter silk and organza (a thin synthetic fabric made from silk) can be worn in spring and summer. Linen and lightweight cotton are good summer fabrics as well.


Color and season are very closely linked. Generally, darker colors are reserved for fall and winter and lighter colors are for spring and summer.

Fall and winter dresses tend to lean towards dark green, auburn, burgundy, dark purple, and, of course, black. Spring and summer clothes come in varieties of pastels, white, and ivory. However, black is also acceptable during the warmer months (one of the reasons we love little little black dresses so much!). The event also has a lot to do with the color. For events where ceremony and reception are separated by a span of hours or for events that last several days, wear the more formal, darker attire to the ceremony and save the more colorful dress for the celebration. For weddings specifically, tradition dictates that only the bride wears white, but for little girls, this rule is generally overlooked.


The invitation may give a lot of information about what to wear, but the rule is an easy one. The fancier the invitation, the more formal the clothing selection should be. Some invitations actually specify what to wear, but, if no guide is given, look at the timing of the event. Day events are generally less formal than evening ones. Also

consider the venue, the place of the event may indicate in itself the formality of the event,  for example a church wedding verses an outdoor wedding ceremony.


Though every little girl likes to look her best there is a time to let the understudy shine. Anything goes if it is your event be it birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, or a piano recital. From tiaras to tutus it is your or your family’s day.  However, if you are the guest it is gracious to pause and consider what their little star may be wearing and perhaps tone back a bit as not to outshine their little one.


Llum Girls Clothes — Our Girls Fashion Designer of the Week

If one is searching for a fashion forward American children’s clothing manufacturer, Llum is one of my personal favorites. And oh, the name is pronounced, “loom”, not to by rhymed with any fruit, and yet often times as colorful.

Llum is the work of apparel designer Amanda Reichert and her team. The company began producing its stylish collections in 2010. All of their clothes are made in the USA. Fabrics are of soft cottons and easy care. The fit runs true to size to slightly small.

I had the opportunity to work with the Llum team in creating merchandise exclusively for llbd shop. Llum was able to take our focus on black and incorporate the color with the stylings of their dresses. Take a look at the Black and White Bertoia Halter Dress, available in sizes 2T-6, and the Black and Purple Bertoia Halter Dress, available in sizes 2T-8.


Should you wish a lot-a lot of color to add to your little-little black wardrobe, the Degas dress is for pirouetting in lilac. The large floral sash allows for making an individual self-tie bow fashion statement.

Visit our Llum page at llbd shop to see more Llum clothes. And as our Designer of the Week get 15% off any Llum item with coupon code LLUM15. (Coupon code expires May 31, 2012.)

Why Little Black Dresses for Little Girls?

For the love of little black dresses, little-little black dresses.

Some may ask, so why little black dresses for little girls? REALLY?  Black for little girls?

Yes, absolutely.  I have been in love with all things black since I was a little girl. It is not that I am a morbid person, I am just drawn to the simplicity and the sophistication of black.

As a child my mother would suggest a tan camel hair winter coat. I preferred the navy one. Red patent shoes, I selected the black pair.  A floral print dress? Not for me, I wanted the navy jumper with a simple white turtleneck. No Peter Pan collars, definitely not. No button trims down the front of a dress. You guessed it, I was a 1960’s little girl, with pure Florence Eiseman taste.

Over the years I became quite known for my mostly black wardrobe.  It suited me.  I was a jewelry designer and craftsman. The black clothing was always a great backdrop for the jewelry. And of course, my favorites were and are my little black dresses. was developed from that love of the little black dress. It occurred to me that there was a wealth of black dresses for women available, but not necessarily a place to shop for “little-little” black dresses. It seemed to me that every little girl should have a little black dress and all things to go with it in her closet. My definition of a little-little black dress is really one’s very favorite dress, not necessarily black, we do offer other colors. I though, recommend the black.

Curious? Visit our little-little black dress page.

-The Creative Director,