Special Occasion Dressing For Little Girls – What, Where, And When?


Trying to match the right dress to an occasion can be difficult for adults, and it’s not a whole lot easier for little girls’ dresses. So how do you know which dresses are appropriate for which occasion?  Here are a couple things to look for and consider when searching for a dress that may help point you in the right direction.


Weather really matters when picking out a dress for another reason than just the temperature. Certain fabrics are linked with each season, making a dress more visually appropriate for the occasion. Wool, including cashmere, knit, and boiled varieties, as well as corduroy, are distinctly winter fabrics. Heavier and layered silks are also a worn well in winter, while lighter silk and organza (a thin synthetic fabric made from silk) can be worn in spring and summer. Linen and lightweight cotton are good summer fabrics as well.


Color and season are very closely linked. Generally, darker colors are reserved for fall and winter and lighter colors are for spring and summer.

Fall and winter dresses tend to lean towards dark green, auburn, burgundy, dark purple, and, of course, black. Spring and summer clothes come in varieties of pastels, white, and ivory. However, black is also acceptable during the warmer months (one of the reasons we love little little black dresses so much!). The event also has a lot to do with the color. For events where ceremony and reception are separated by a span of hours or for events that last several days, wear the more formal, darker attire to the ceremony and save the more colorful dress for the celebration. For weddings specifically, tradition dictates that only the bride wears white, but for little girls, this rule is generally overlooked.


The invitation may give a lot of information about what to wear, but the rule is an easy one. The fancier the invitation, the more formal the clothing selection should be. Some invitations actually specify what to wear, but, if no guide is given, look at the timing of the event. Day events are generally less formal than evening ones. Also

consider the venue, the place of the event may indicate in itself the formality of the event,  for example a church wedding verses an outdoor wedding ceremony.


Though every little girl likes to look her best there is a time to let the understudy shine. Anything goes if it is your event be it birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, or a piano recital. From tiaras to tutus it is your or your family’s day.  However, if you are the guest it is gracious to pause and consider what their little star may be wearing and perhaps tone back a bit as not to outshine their little one.