Flip Flop Fumbles- When to Wear (or not to wear) Summer’s Most Casual Shoe

photo credit: findkeyswithease.com

photo credit: findkeyswithease.com

Flip-flops are a wonder shoe. They slide on easily, they are simple, and they keep your feet cool. Some varieties even float in water. At the end of the summer, I examine my flip-flop tan and hope to be proud of the “Y” shaped lines on my feet. But flip-flops are not right for every occasion, even though it is sometimes tempting.

I follow two general guidelines when deciding when to wear flip-flops. If I am going outside to do activities with friends or family, especially if that activity involves water and beaches, flip-flops are definitely the shoe of choice. They are casual, fun, and water doesn’t destroy them.

Flip-flops even eliminate the age-old sand-in-my-shoes problem. I don’t need to worry about trying to wash off my feet and sliding my socks back on before accidentally stepping on the sand and having to start over.

But there’s a flip side, (no pun intended). If you’re going out to dinner and the restaurant employs a wait-staff, flip-flops are a little too casual. The world is moving in a more casual direction, so in ten or twenty years, that guideline may change. Until then, though, I’d suggest choosing a nicer sandal or a closed toe shoe.

Sending kids to school in flip-flops is a trickier story and I leave that up to personal preference and school dress codes. They’re casual, but for younger kids especially, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional whimsical shoe choice and do consider the activity of the girl, sometimes a sneaker may be the choice for the day.

Flip-flops may be a fashion statement on their own. Brightly colored or decorated flip-flops can definitely be their own accessory, just keep in mind the statement and the day of the feet that are flopping.