Little Girls Fashion – Tips For Developing Her Own Style

Little Girls Fashion – Help Develop Her Own Style

“I dressed myself today.” Every child wants to say it and helping your child develop her individual style will eventually get them to that prideful moment. But there is a fine line between helping your child develop her own style and simply replicating yours. That being said, if your daughter takes after you and has similar taste as many do, let it flourish! Here are a few tips to begin to form a personal style.

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My Mom, Saturday Shopper in the 1950's

My Mom, Saturday Shopper in the 1950′s

When you are shopping for new clothes, include your daughter in the activity. Invite her with you or sit together if you are browsing online. Ask your child to pick out things she may like to see you wear or pick out several items and ask her opinion of them. Be sure to express that saying she does not like an item is okay, as well as thanking her for a positive reaction to a garment. The activity of making a selection and offering an opinion helps form a basis and routine of making choices for herself. From my own childhood, I remember and cherish the Saturdays my mother took me shopping, many times to the dismay of the sales staff. My mom had a great sense of style, but not for herself. She frequently relied on me to tell her if a dress looked good on her. I vividly remember a particular sales woman that always said, “ooooooh, you have your daughter with you again, how lovely,” and winced as she brought in many cocktail dress options that she was certain I was going to reject! We most always left the boutique with a dress all three of us liked, and I developed a true sense of style and confidence in making decisions, not just in dresses.

It Is All About Color

Most little girls have a passion for a particular color, and it is often not pink.

Whatever your favorite little one’s color is, embrace it. For my niece it was purple.
No other color for two years, just purple. Well, sometimes lavender. I had no idea the amount of children’s apparel that was manufactured in purple for toddlers. She was happy in purple, and that is the focus, happy. Clothes are a statement, and color is often the first indication of individual style.

Anything Goes

Yes, really. Absolutely anything goes with anything, especially when you are very young. If your daughter pulls out green dotted leggings, a purple floral dress, and orange sneakers, let her wear the outfit. The goal is to encourage choices and individuality. The only time to suggest a change in choice of clothing is if the desired item is not appropriate for the weather or the place she is going. Leggings and a T shirt do not go to weddings. Be careful not to offend your daughter or young friend. Simply comment on how much you like the outfit and suggest she keep it out for when she gets back home. Then ask her to show you what her favorite dress is in her closet and maybe that should be the one that would be perfect for today.

- CK & ESK

Flip Flop Fumbles- When to Wear (or not to wear) Summer’s Most Casual Shoe

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Flip-flops are a wonder shoe. They slide on easily, they are simple, and they keep your feet cool. Some varieties even float in water. At the end of the summer, I examine my flip-flop tan and hope to be proud of the “Y” shaped lines on my feet. But flip-flops are not right for every occasion, even though it is sometimes tempting.

I follow two general guidelines when deciding when to wear flip-flops. If I am going outside to do activities with friends or family, especially if that activity involves water and beaches, flip-flops are definitely the shoe of choice. They are casual, fun, and water doesn’t destroy them.

Flip-flops even eliminate the age-old sand-in-my-shoes problem. I don’t need to worry about trying to wash off my feet and sliding my socks back on before accidentally stepping on the sand and having to start over.

But there’s a flip side, (no pun intended). If you’re going out to dinner and the restaurant employs a wait-staff, flip-flops are a little too casual. The world is moving in a more casual direction, so in ten or twenty years, that guideline may change. Until then, though, I’d suggest choosing a nicer sandal or a closed toe shoe.

Sending kids to school in flip-flops is a trickier story and I leave that up to personal preference and school dress codes. They’re casual, but for younger kids especially, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional whimsical shoe choice and do consider the activity of the girl, sometimes a sneaker may be the choice for the day.

Flip-flops may be a fashion statement on their own. Brightly colored or decorated flip-flops can definitely be their own accessory, just keep in mind the statement and the day of the feet that are flopping.



Why Little Black Dresses for Little Girls?

For the love of little black dresses, little-little black dresses.

Some may ask, so why little black dresses for little girls? REALLY?  Black for little girls?

Yes, absolutely.  I have been in love with all things black since I was a little girl. It is not that I am a morbid person, I am just drawn to the simplicity and the sophistication of black.

As a child my mother would suggest a tan camel hair winter coat. I preferred the navy one. Red patent shoes, I selected the black pair.  A floral print dress? Not for me, I wanted the navy jumper with a simple white turtleneck. No Peter Pan collars, definitely not. No button trims down the front of a dress. You guessed it, I was a 1960’s little girl, with pure Florence Eiseman taste.

Over the years I became quite known for my mostly black wardrobe.  It suited me.  I was a jewelry designer and craftsman. The black clothing was always a great backdrop for the jewelry. And of course, my favorites were and are my little black dresses. was developed from that love of the little black dress. It occurred to me that there was a wealth of black dresses for women available, but not necessarily a place to shop for “little-little” black dresses. It seemed to me that every little girl should have a little black dress and all things to go with it in her closet. My definition of a little-little black dress is really one’s very favorite dress, not necessarily black, we do offer other colors. I though, recommend the black.

Curious? Visit our little-little black dress page.

-The Creative Director,

Girls Fashion Favorite Designer of the Week — Sophie Catalou

Versatile and chic are the Spring Summer 2012 collections from Sophie Catalou, our featured Designer of the Week.  There are dresses for a stroll in the park, a skip to school, or a special event. In addition, find the most adorable romper dresses for the fashion forward little-little ones.   

Sophie Catalou combines unique fabric selections with attention to the little details.  The edges of dresses often have a colored piping to just give a little pop to the design. Embellishments such as a floral appliqué and sequins are added for a dash of flair and fashion.

Little girls love the look and feel of these Barcelona designed dresses, and moms love the price and ease of care. 

You may view the full selection at our Sophie Catalou page, but here are two of our picks.

Anya Dress

The White and Gray Anya Dress is available in sizes 2 – 6. This sleeveless dress is light gray with white and silver polka dots. The Fuchsia draw strings at the neck tie into a big bow in the back.

Sophie Catalou Ollie Dress

The Ollie dress, available in sizes 12M -5, is black with white piping and has a fun flower appliqué.

 All Sophie Catalou dresses are made of 100% premium cotton and jersey knits, using innovative prints and dyeing techniques. The dresses are comfy soft and machine washable.

As llbd shop’s Designer of the Week, all Sophie Catalou items, including sale merchandise, is available at 15% off with coupon code SOPHIE15. Visit our Sophie Catalou page and take a look.