Why Little Black Dresses for Little Girls?

For the love of little black dresses, little-little black dresses.

Some may ask, so why little black dresses for little girls? REALLY?  Black for little girls?

Yes, absolutely.  I have been in love with all things black since I was a little girl. It is not that I am a morbid person, I am just drawn to the simplicity and the sophistication of black.

As a child my mother would suggest a tan camel hair winter coat. I preferred the navy one. Red patent shoes, I selected the black pair.  A floral print dress? Not for me, I wanted the navy jumper with a simple white turtleneck. No Peter Pan collars, definitely not. No button trims down the front of a dress. You guessed it, I was a 1960’s little girl, with pure Florence Eiseman taste.

Over the years I became quite known for my mostly black wardrobe.  It suited me.  I was a jewelry designer and craftsman. The black clothing was always a great backdrop for the jewelry. And of course, my favorites were and are my little black dresses.

llbdshop.com was developed from that love of the little black dress. It occurred to me that there was a wealth of black dresses for women available, but not necessarily a place to shop for “little-little” black dresses. It seemed to me that every little girl should have a little black dress and all things to go with it in her closet. My definition of a little-little black dress is really one’s very favorite dress, not necessarily black, we do offer other colors. I though, recommend the black.

Curious? Visit our little-little black dress page.

-The Creative Director, llbdshop.com

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