Fourth of July Kids Recipes and Craft Activities

Rice Krispy Treat Sparklers

These treats make a fun decoration as well as being delicious and easy to eat. You can either cut star shapes out of store-bought Rice Krispy bars or make your own (suggested) with this recipe from

esk-Rice Krispy Treat Sparkers

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American Flag Lanterns

This is a great way to decorate outdoor tables, especially after dark. Just take white paper lunch bags, paint the top 2/3 blue and the bottom 1/3 with vertical red stripes. Punch holes around the bag, fill the bottom with a half inch to an inch of sand (to keep the bags standing in place), and place a cheap battery-operated light inside.

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Toilet Paper Rockets

No fireworks near you? These not only make great decorations, but they are confetti filled as well. This is a great art project for the kids and provides lots of fun when its time to let the confetti fly. For full instructions see

esk-4th-Toilet Paper Rockets

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