Eliane et Lena – Girls Clothing Designer of the Week

ELIANE ET LENA – Our Girls Fashion Designer of the Week

A brand designed in France, Eliane et Lena girls clothing combines wonderfully bright colors with an avant-garde modern attitude. One of my favorite things about this brand is the exquisite variety of patterns they use. While some outfits sport complicated weaving, florals, and others as shown below, employ the simplicity of plain butterflies.

The Eliane et Lena Navy Sashi Dress in sizes 4-8. This dress is sleeveless and in a light-weight cotton, making it very comfortable for summer weather.

One of the other special things about Eliane et Lena is their attention to the outfit as a whole. Many of their dresses can stand on their own but are also understated in a way that still allows them to be accented with an accessory (necklace, cool shoes, or a decorated hairband). These dresses are fun to wear, dressed up or down.

Interested and want to see more? See the full llbd shop Eliane et Lena collection.

Also, be sure to take a glance at the Fall 2013 Eliane et Lena little girls clothes, now available for preorder.

Fuchsia Laura Dress, girls sizes 6-12 for Fall 2013 is now available for preorder.